2016 HOTCUS Annual Conference

A Review

From July 6 to 8, an international group of about 65 scholars returned to the Roosevelt Study Center. For the second time HOTCUS – Historians of the Twentieth Century United States – held its annual conference outside the United Kingdom. Speakers from Ireland, Canada, the United States, Norway, the UK, and the Netherlands presented their latest research.

Prof. Margot Canaday from Princeton University opened the conference with a thought-provoking keynote speech on the position of LGBT workers in the Civil Rights era. Through the lens of labor relations, the battle for equal rights for sexual minorities reveals much about the power structures and gender policies of the United States. The lecture proved an eye-opener for understanding American society.

The following two days were filled with panel discussions on a wide variety of issues, such as race, the South, the Cold War, intellectual ideas, film, consumerism, and media. As with every HOTCUS conference, the participants represented a cross-section of the US history academic community, from PhD’s to professors, allowing for an informal and friendly atmosphere and a productive exchange of ideas throughout the three days. Many researchers used the opportunity to dip into the RSC’s resources. This carefree and productive setting encouraged the conference organizers and individual researchers to periodically return to Middelburg.

One of the panel discussions at the RSC Library

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